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Florals by Distance

So everybody knows planning a wedding can be stressful - after all, that's where the whole concept of 'bridezilla' came from right? But how about planning a wedding from another country, when you need to sort out all the fine details from a distance... well, it doesn't need to be as difficult as it sounds!

We've had a number of couples contact us from interstate, or even out of the country (imagine moving overseas, and planning a wedding all at the same time!), in the hope of finding the perfect florist for their big day - someone who understands their vision and colour scheme - and each one of them has been so relieved at how easy it can all really be.

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Clarissa + Jared were so happy with how their big day came together - all by email.

It's easy to get a little overwhelmed by everything that needs to be ticked off your list for the big day, especially if you're in another time zone! So here are our top tips on how to ensure you get exactly what you envisioned - or at least close to!

1. Do your research!

Now this is an important one. When you start looking into the multitude of vendors that are available to help you make your special day unbelievably beautiful, you may come across a florist or stylist whose name you recognise, and straight away think, "hey, I've heard of them, so they must be good". Well, just because they're popular, or are currently 'trending' doesn't mean they'll be the right fit for you. Take a look at their pages and the work they've done, and ask yourself whether this aligns with what you are both envisioning for your wedding day. There's no point booking a florist who specialises in dried florals, or monochrome colours, when you're wanting plenty of greenery and lots of fresh roses, just because they have the most followers on Instagram, right?!

There are plenty of talented florists and stylists out there, so do some research to ensure you're choosing someone who will understand your vision, and deliver on that vision, in a style that you love.

Say what? Use the lingo!

It's pretty much a no brainer that you'll be heading to Pinterest and/or Insta to find inspiration for your big day. Well, have you ever taken notice of the descriptions, or names of the florals you like when you save those pics? This can be super helpful when chatting to your vendors, as it ensures you're communicating in a language they understand and already use every day.

For example, if you're picturing lots of colourful florals, and large, wild bouquets on your big day, you don't want to miscommunicate this in your emails, and end up with muted, natural tones and very structured floral designs. Check out the profile and websites of your potential vendors, or get lost in the world of Pinterest, and once you've determined you like what you see, check the captions and descriptions, and relay this back to them when you're telling them what you want!

Clarissa organised her wedding florals from Singapore, and was so impressed when it all came together on the day!

Communication is key!

OK, so you've found a florist you love, they're available on your selected date, and you've confirmed they'll be a good fit for you. Now what? Everybody knows communication is the key ingredient to any successful relationship - well, the same goes for you and your florist or stylist.

We all lead busy lives, and we all understand things come up. But if you've contacted someone and need to follow up multiple times before they reply to you, that's not a good sign. Regardless of how elaborate, or simple your order is, you should not be left questioning whether you've made the right decision with choosing your floral designer. Obviously weekends are peak wedding and event time, so if you email on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday, you can't expect to hear back right away, but if days or weeks pass and you're still hearing crickets, move on!

When you are happy with the level of communication you're receiving, and start emailing back and forth, it's equally as important to set clear expectations. If you're in another time zone, and there is no way you can reply to emails during business hours, just let them know. Once you're both on the same page, and lines of communication are open, magic can happen! Stunning wedding florals are just a couple of emails away!


Planning a wedding in Australia, but you're overseas? Contact Flowers by Ola for a hassle free floral consultation via email.


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